Tuesday, August 30, 2016

19 Photos Of The Worst Politic Leader In History

2. Osama Bin Laden, Age 14 (Second from the Right)

3. Hitler Says, "Stop It, You!"

4. Ferdinand Porsche Shows Hitler the Volkswagen Beetle 

5. Kim Jong Un Rides a Roller Coaster 

6. Vladimir Lenin With a Kitty 

7. Joseph Goebbels's Wedding Day 

8. Joseph Stalin With His Daughter 

9. Tsar Nicolas II Believes He Can Fly 

10. Fidel Castro Golfing 

11. Christmas With Hitler

12. Idi Amin Has a Sandwich by the Pool 

13.  Kim Jong Un's Yacht Trip 

14. Ayatolah Khomeini Islamic leader in Iran

15. Ali Khamenei Islamic leader in Iran

16. Ghazafi Libya leader

17 - Ahmadinejad-Iran

18- Al Saud- Saudi Arabia

19. Sad'dam Hossein - Iraq


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