Tuesday, January 17, 2017

9 Photos From Grizzly Bear Tried To Steal A Dead Deer From Wolves / Taken By British Holidaymaker Tom Littlejohns

The grizzly bear less commonly known as the silvertip bear, is a large subspecies of brown bear inhabiting North America. Scientists generally do not use the name grizzly bear but call it the North American brown bear.
Multiple morphological forms sometimes recognized as subspecies exist, including the mainland grizzly (Ursus arctos horribilis), Kodiak bear (U. a. middendorffi), peninsular grizzly (U. a. gyas), and the recently extinct California grizzly (U. a. californicus†) and Mexican grizzly bear (U. a. nelsoni†). On average bears near the coast tend to be larger while inland Grizzlies tend to be smaller. Wikipedia

1. Who will win?!


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