Sunday, January 15, 2017

17 Photos From Veresk Bridge In Iran During Building 80 years Ago

The Veresk bridge is a masonry arch bridge in northern Iran. It was constructed mostly by Austrians before World War II by leadership of an engineer named Walter Aigner, constructed during the reign of Reza Shah. It is located in the Veresk district of Savadkuh County, in Mazandaran province. During World War II, it was known as the Pol-e Piroozi ("The bridge of victory"). The bridge stands at 110 metres (360 ft) tall and its arch measures 66 metres (217 ft) long. The bridge serves the Trans-Iranian Railway network in Northern Iran. The Veresk bridge in Iran connects the railway between Tehran and the Caspian Sea region. Wikipedia

1. Veresk at the beginning of building


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