Sunday, February 5, 2017

7 Natural Foods Which Can Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body

These lovable citrus fruits are packed full of vitamin C, which increases your white blood cell count. This helps your body fight against the toxic substances that come from inhaling cigarette smoke, and even increases your metabolism to flush the nicotine from your bloodstream.
Note: Oranges can also lower your stress levels, making it easier to manage your cravings after making the decision to quit.

Research shows that smokers tend to have a lower supply of folic acid than non-smokers. This acid is needed for maintaining muscle, nerve, and brain health; thankfully, there’s a huge supply of it in spinach.
The benefits don’t end there either. Spinach is also packed full of vitamins and other important nutrients that you need to balance a strong overall health. Did you know that eating spinach can even make smoking taste bad? It’s a great vegetable to eat if your goal is to finally break the habit.

As one of the most underrated drinks in the world, water fights against the internal damage caused by nicotine (and it can even help manage withdrawal symptoms). Did you know that nicotine actually dehydrates you? By drinking 8-2 cups of water a day (minimum), you can help rehydrate your body and increase your metabolism to flush the drug out of your body.

5-Kiwi Fruit
Believe it or not, smoking actually lowers your counts of vitamins A, C, and E. Filling up on healthy fruits and vegetables (especially kiwi) can help replenish these vitamins and bring your body back to a nutritional balance.

6- Broccoli
Broccoli contains high levels of vitamin B5 and C, B vitamins are responsible for regulating many important processes in your body. Lack of vitamins can mean your body does not respond optimally. Eating broccoli replenishes vitamin C and keeps your metabolism peaked and also keeps your lungs protected from toxins. Broccoli contains gene NRF2 that protects the lungs cells from being attacked.

7- Ginger
Ginger can help get rid of many unwanted symptoms caused by smoking and nicotine. For the full effects one should consume raw ginger to relieve nicotine cravings, maintain healthy weight loss and reduce toxins in your blood stream caused by nicotine. The best way to flush nicotine out of your body is to quit and ginger can help you do this. If you’ve found quitting smoking harder than you though try this!



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